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How to use this site:

We hope that you will find this site easy to use and flexible in its design.  If you would like guidance on how to get the most out of the site, please see our suggestions below:

For students: Where you begin exploring is up to you! Here are some common starting points:

  • Have a career you heard about and want more information?
    → Go the alphabetized list of careers and click on that career
  • Interested in animal careers that also involve working with people or another interest of yours?
    → Go to the "You" tab and begin exploring animal-related careers related to interests YOU choose!
  • Want to hear what a "Day in the Life" is like for a person working with animals?
    → Go to "The People" page and read career interviews from exciting professionals
  • Want to know what volunteer or work experiences you should be trying out in order to prepare you for a career with animals?
    → Go to "The Experiences" tab to find links to those answers as well as hear stories directly from students just like you.

The possibilities are endless!  You’ll see that if you follow any of the scenarios above that links within each page will provide you with more information.  For instance, for scenario #1, you can then click on links provided to get more detailed information related to that career, or perhaps we have an informational interview with a professional in that field posted on our site.

For Teachers: Are you a teacher that is looking for ways to use this site in your class? Look below for some fun activities and ideas! These activities have been created with high school students in mind, however the majority can be used or slightly adapted for younger students.

  • Webquest-A project that will take multiple classroom days. Students will work in groups to create their very own webpage (using google sites) displaying two careers for each student in the group. For more information, visit the project description.
  • Possible activities on your own:

  • Quick Worksheet- A short worksheet that will take students roughly 15 minutes. The students will use the career search function of the site to find careers they're interested in and then fill out information about the top 5 careers they pick.
  • Video- A project that will take multiple classroom days. Students will work either individually or in groups to create a video about a specific animal industry career. The career will be found using the information on this site. Students will then compile music, images, and videos (clips found online or actual videos they have taken) to create a video that will be presented the rest of the class.

For professionals:  We are always looking for new input!  If you would like to share your story with us, or would like to clarify information we already have posted on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us at animalcareers @