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List Careers Alphabetically by Title

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4-H Educator for a County
4-H Program Extension Associate
4-H Team Coordinator
AAAS Congressional Fellow
Administrative Assistant at an animal-related non-profit
Administrative Assistant in the Fishes Department at an Aquarium
Administrative Secretary at an Animal Care Facility
Agri-Tourism Farmer
Agricultural Economist
Agricultural Librarian for a Research Institute
Agriculture Extension Associate
Animal Care and Use Coordinator at a Research Institute
Animal Care Specialist at a Zoo
Animal Control Officer
Animal Management Systems Extension Specialist
Animal Nutritionist at a Zoo
Animal Scientist (Support) at a University
Applications Support Specialist at a Dairy Cooperative
Aquaponics Farmer
Aquarist at an Aquarium
Aquarium Supervisor at an Aquarium
Area Manager at a Zoo
Assistant Curator at a Zoo
Assistant Farm Manager for an SPCA
Assistant Herdsperson
Assistant Manager for a Grocery Store
Assistant Veterinary Scientist II
Associate Veterinary Scientist
Audience Research Coordinator at a Zoo
Barn Manager
Career Counselor at a University/College Career Center
Certified Canine Massage Therapist
Collections Manager at a Zoo
Commissary Technician at a Zoo
Compliance Officer at a University
Computer Programmer/Analyst at a University
Coordinator of Camp and Overnight Programs for a Zoo
County Executive Director of a USDA Farm Service Agency
Creamery or cheeseplant operator or cheese maker
Crop Farmer
Curator of Conservation Education at a Zoo
Customer Support at a Zoo
Dairy Extension Specialist at a State Level
Dairy Farm Owner and Manager
Dairy Herd Health Supervisor
Dairy Herdsperson
Dairy Nutrition Technical Support
Dairy Nutritionist
Dairy Reproduction Manager
Development & Membership Director at a Zoo
Development Assistant at a Zoo
Director of a Zoo
Director of Animal Health at a Zoo
Director of Education at a Zoo
Director of Education for a Farm Business Advising Organization
Director of Equestrian Studies at a University/College
Director of Marketing for a Foodservice Distribution Company
Director of Public Relations at a Zoo
Director of Recruiting & Retention for a Farm Service Agency
Director of Sales for a Wholesale Feed Division
Director of Technical Support and Sales for an Animal Product Development Company
Director of Undergraduate Equine Science and Management at a University
Dog Breeder
Dog Groomer
Duck Farm Owner
Editor for Agricultural Industry
Education Instructor at a Zoo
Education Internship Coordinator at a Zoo
Education Program Assistant at a Zoo
Education Program Coordinator at a Zoo
Education Technician at a Zoo
Equestrian Forensic Expert
Equestrian Program Supervisor at a Residential Treatment Facility
Equine Extension Associate
Equine Extension Specialist
Equine Massage Therapist
Equine Nutrition Consultant for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Equine Reproduction Manager for a Commercial Breeding Facility
Executive Director of a Cooperative Extension
Executive Director of a Therapeutic Riding Center
Farm Advisor
Farm Business Extension Specialist
Farm Manager of a University Dairy Farm
Farm Service Agency Loan Manager
Farm Service Agency Program Technician
Feed Ingredient Trader for a Wholesale Feed Division
Field Service Representative for a Dairy Cooperative
Fish Farmer
Freelance Equestrian Journalist
Global Education and Outreach Program Manager at a Zoo
Goat & Sheep Extension Associate
Goat or sheep dairy herdsperson or owner
Guest Education Manager at a Zoo
High School Agricultural Science Teacher
High School Animal Science Instructor
Horse Farm Manager
Horse Farrier
Horse Jockey
Horse Media Services Business Owner
Horse Rancher
Horse Rider and Assistant
Horse Show Judge
Horse Trainer
Information Technology Director at a Zoo
Intellectual Property Coordinator for a Specialty Crops Breeding Company
Interpreter at a Zoo
Interpretive Media Manager
Lab Animal Technician 
Laboratory Superintendent at a Beef Processing Facility
Laboratory Technician at a Dairy Cooperative
Large Animal Nutrition Representative
Large Animal Veterinarian
Livestock Educator
Livestock Regional Extension Specialist
Manager of Guest Engagement at a Zoo
Manager of Interpretation and Graphics at a Zoo
Market Analyst for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Market Coordinator at a Dairy Cooperative
Market Manager for a Dairy Cooperative
Media Liaison for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
Membership Coordinator at a Zoo
Milk Tester
Mixed Practice Veterinarian
Off-site Education Coordinator for a Zoo
Outreach Coordinator at a Zoo
Owner/Manager of a Beef Breeding Farm
Pet Groomer/Stylist
Post-doctoral associate
Principal Consultant for a Conservation and Education Consulting Business
Professor of Animal Science
Professor of Biology
Professor of Veterinary Medicine
Program Coordinator & Lead Riding Instructor
Program Coordinator and Collections Manager for a Museum
Program Director at a Dairy Cooperative
Public Programs Coordinator at an Aquarium
Public Relations Group Leader at a Communications Firm
Receptionist and Patient Sitter at an Animal Hospital
Receptionist at a Dairy Cooperative
Regional Sales Manager & Field Veterinarian for a Pharmaceutical Company
Regional Sales Manager for an Agribusiness Solutions Company
Registrar at a Zoo
Research Assistant at a University
Research Associate
Research Geneticist
Research Specialist
Resource Planner/Farm Planner for a Conservation District
Riding Instruction Business Owner
Sales and Event Coordinator at a Zoo
Sales Coordinator/Nutrition Consultant for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Senior Aquarist at an Aquarium
Senior Biologist at a Zoo
Senior Lab Technician at a Dairy Cooperative
Sheep or goat farm manager or owner
Sheep or Goat Researcher or Consultant
Small Animal Veterinarian
State Animal Health Inspector
State/Regulatory Veterinarian
Surgical Unit Manager for a Research Institution
Sustainability Coordinator at a Zoo
Swine Extension Specialist
Technical Sales Support for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Territory Manager for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Training Manager at a Zoo
University or Education Center Farm Manager
USDA/APHIS Inspector
Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Epidemiologist
Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Technologist
Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at a Dairy Cooperative
Vivarium Manager
Volunteer Services Coordinator at a Zoo
Web Editor for an Agricultural Publications Organization
Wildlife Manager/Curator at a Safari Park
Wildlife/Zoological Veterinarian
Writer for a Science Publication
Youth Development Programs Assistant at a Zoo
Zoo Attendant
Zoo Curator