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Job Title: Professor of Biology

Description: Teach college biology, conduct research, and advise students. Research is often done on animals and classes frequently deal with the biology of animals.

Degree Required: PhD

  • Doctor of Philosophy (or doctoral degree) is intended to teach a student to carry out independent, autonomous research in a specific field.. This degree is often, but not always, completed after a Master's degree is earned. The length of study ranges from 3 - 6 years. On completion, a student presents and defends a dissertation (or thesis) before an academic panel.

Skills Required: Computer skills, Creative writing skills, Good hand-eye coordination, Independent worker, Leadership abilities, Learns on the job, Mathematical thinker, Oral communication skills, Produce goods, Scientific thinker, Scientific writing skills, Time management skills, Teaching skills, Written communication skills

Market Sector: School, University/Education

Relative Salary:  $$$$$$

  • We did not collect actual income range information in our survey. Instead we chose to express income range with a number of dollar signs, expressing relative salaries. A single $ is relatively low salary compared to the average, $$ - $$$ is average, and $$$$$ is much higher than average income.

    Since each person surveyed may have a different viewpoint as to what constitutes an average salary, and since salary is often commensurate with years of experience, the number of dollar signs should not be regarded as an absolute, but only as an indicator.