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List Careers Alphabetically within Degree Required

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Agri-Tourism Farmer
Commissary Technician at a Zoo
Creamery or cheeseplant operator or cheese maker
Customer Support at a Zoo
Development Assistant at a Zoo
Dog Breeder
Education Program Assistant at a Zoo
Goat or sheep dairy herdsperson or owner
Horse Jockey
Horse Show Judge
Laboratory Technician at a Dairy Cooperative
Membership Coordinator at a Zoo
Receptionist and Patient Sitter at an Animal Hospital
Receptionist at a Dairy Cooperative
Registrar at a Zoo
Sales and Event Coordinator at a Zoo
Sheep or goat farm manager or owner
Sheep or Goat Researcher or Consultant

Administrative Assistant at an animal-related non-profit
Administrative Assistant in the Fishes Department at an Aquarium
Administrative Secretary at an Animal Care Facility
Barn Manager
Crop Farmer
Dairy Herdsperson
Equestrian Program Supervisor at a Residential Treatment Facility
Equine Massage Therapist
Field Service Representative for a Dairy Cooperative
Horse Rider and Assistant
Horse Trainer
Lab Animal Technician 
Milk Tester
Owner/Manager of a Beef Breeding Farm
Riding Instruction Business Owner
Senior Lab Technician at a Dairy Cooperative
State Animal Health Inspector
Veterinary Technician
Web Editor for an Agricultural Publications Organization

4-H Educator for a County
4-H Program Extension Associate
Agricultural Economist
Animal Care and Use Coordinator at a Research Institute
Animal Care Specialist at a Zoo
Applications Support Specialist at a Dairy Cooperative
Aquaponics Farmer
Aquarist at an Aquarium
Aquarium Supervisor at an Aquarium
Area Manager at a Zoo
Assistant Curator at a Zoo
Assistant Farm Manager for an SPCA
Assistant Herdsperson
Assistant Manager for a Grocery Store
Assistant Veterinary Scientist II
Associate Veterinary Scientist
Career Counselor at a University/College Career Center
Collections Manager at a Zoo
Compliance Officer at a University
Computer Programmer/Analyst at a University
Coordinator of Camp and Overnight Programs for a Zoo
County Executive Director of a USDA Farm Service Agency
Dairy Extension Specialist at a State Level
Dairy Farm Owner and Manager
Dairy Herd Health Supervisor
Dairy Nutritionist
Dairy Reproduction Manager
Development & Membership Director at a Zoo
Director of a Zoo
Director of Education at a Zoo
Director of Public Relations at a Zoo
Director of Recruiting & Retention for a Farm Service Agency
Director of Sales for a Wholesale Feed Division
Duck Farm Owner
Editor for Agricultural Industry
Education Instructor at a Zoo
Education Internship Coordinator at a Zoo
Education Program Coordinator at a Zoo
Education Technician at a Zoo
Equestrian Forensic Expert
Equine Extension Specialist
Equine Nutrition Consultant for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Equine Reproduction Manager for a Commercial Breeding Facility
Executive Director of a Therapeutic Riding Center
Farm Manager of a University Dairy Farm
Farm Service Agency Loan Manager
Farm Service Agency Program Technician
Feed Ingredient Trader for a Wholesale Feed Division
Fish Farmer
Freelance Equestrian Journalist
Guest Education Manager at a Zoo
Horse Farm Manager
Horse Media Services Business Owner
Horse Rancher
Information Technology Director at a Zoo
Interpreter at a Zoo
Interpretive Media Manager
Laboratory Superintendent at a Beef Processing Facility
Large Animal Nutrition Representative
Livestock Educator
Manager of Guest Engagement at a Zoo
Manager of Interpretation and Graphics at a Zoo
Market Coordinator at a Dairy Cooperative
Market Manager for a Dairy Cooperative
Media Liaison for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
Off-site Education Coordinator for a Zoo
Outreach Coordinator at a Zoo
Principal Consultant for a Conservation and Education Consulting Business
Program Coordinator & Lead Riding Instructor
Program Director at a Dairy Cooperative
Public Programs Coordinator at an Aquarium
Public Relations Group Leader at a Communications Firm
Regional Sales Manager for an Agribusiness Solutions Company
Research Associate
Research Specialist
Resource Planner/Farm Planner for a Conservation District
Sales Coordinator/Nutrition Consultant for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Senior Aquarist at an Aquarium
Senior Biologist at a Zoo
Surgical Unit Manager for a Research Institution
Sustainability Coordinator at a Zoo
Territory Manager for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Training Manager at a Zoo
University or Education Center Farm Manager
USDA/APHIS Inspector
Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Technologist
Vivarium Manager
Volunteer Services Coordinator at a Zoo
Wildlife Manager/Curator at a Safari Park
Writer for a Science Publication
Youth Development Programs Assistant at a Zoo
Zoo Attendant
Zoo Curator


Animal Control Officer

4-H Team Coordinator
Agricultural Librarian for a Research Institute
Agriculture Extension Associate
Animal Nutritionist at a Zoo
Animal Scientist (Support) at a University
Audience Research Coordinator at a Zoo
Curator of Conservation Education at a Zoo
Dairy Nutrition Technical Support
Director of Education for a Farm Business Advising Organization
Director of Equestrian Studies at a University/College
Director of Marketing for a Foodservice Distribution Company
Equine Extension Associate
Executive Director of a Cooperative Extension
Farm Advisor
Farm Business Extension Specialist
Global Education and Outreach Program Manager at a Zoo
Goat & Sheep Extension Associate
High School Agricultural Science Teacher
High School Animal Science Instructor
Intellectual Property Coordinator for a Specialty Crops Breeding Company
Livestock Regional Extension Specialist
Market Analyst for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Program Coordinator and Collections Manager for a Museum
Research Assistant at a University
Swine Extension Specialist

Certified Canine Massage Therapist
Dog Groomer
Horse Farrier
Pet Groomer/Stylist

Director of Animal Health at a Zoo
Large Animal Veterinarian
Mixed Practice Veterinarian
Regional Sales Manager & Field Veterinarian for a Pharmaceutical Company
Small Animal Veterinarian
State/Regulatory Veterinarian
Veterinary Epidemiologist
Wildlife/Zoological Veterinarian

AAAS Congressional Fellow
Animal Management Systems Extension Specialist
Director of Technical Support and Sales for an Animal Product Development Company
Director of Undergraduate Equine Science and Management at a University
Post-doctoral associate
Professor of Animal Science
Professor of Biology
Research Geneticist
Technical Sales Support for a Feed Manufacturing Company
Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at a Dairy Cooperative

Professor of Veterinary Medicine