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Job Title: Veterinary Epidemiologist

Description: Provide technical support to local and state public health departments on a range of topics including food-borne outbreaks and zoonotic diseases. Assist in the government’s response to bioterrorism and other public health emergencies by consulting during epidemiologic investigations and disease surveillance and control. Regularly attend public health planning meetings and academic conferences with the purpose of improving intra- and inter-agency partnerships between local, state and federal emergency response organizations.

Degree Required: DVM

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is usually a 4 year full-time program that begins after earning a BS or MS degree. The first 3 years generally includes classwork and the final year involves practical hands-on learning in a clinical setting. A veterinary career may also require a year or more of residency in a specific field upon graduation.

Skills Required: Bilingual, Computer skills, Creative writing skills, Customer service skills, Independent worker, Leadership abilities, Learns on the job, Managing people, Managing material resources, Mathematical thinker, Negotiator, Oral communication skills, Quick thinker, Record maintenance, Scientific thinker, Scientific writing skills, Thinks outside the box, Time management skills, Teaching skills, Works under pressure, Written communication skills

Market Sector: Government

Relative Salary:  $$$$$$

  • We did not collect actual income range information in our survey. Instead we chose to express income range with a number of dollar signs, expressing relative salaries. A single $ is relatively low salary compared to the average, $$ - $$$ is average, and $$$$$ is much higher than average income.

    Since each person surveyed may have a different viewpoint as to what constitutes an average salary, and since salary is often commensurate with years of experience, the number of dollar signs should not be regarded as an absolute, but only as an indicator.