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Job Title: Sheep or goat farm manager or owner

Description: Management of meat and/or fiber sheep or goats. The goal is to maintain a productive and profitable enterprise by adopting effective breeding, forage, health and nutritional herd management practices. Arrange marketing of live slaughter animals and breeding stock. Arrange processing and marketing of end products. May also provide demonstrations at festivals and farm tours. In a research flock will also need to provide educational experiences for students or supervise research trials.

Degree Required: HS

  • High School Diploma is a diploma awarded for the completion of high school. In the United States and Canada, it is considered the minimum education required for government jobs and higher education. An equivalent is the GED or General Educational Development test.

Skills Required: Farm animal care, Independent worker, Mechanically inclined, Record maintenance, Time management skills

Market Sector: Farm/Ranch, Self-Employed, Small Business

Relative Salary:  $

  • We did not collect actual income range information in our survey. Instead we chose to express income range with a number of dollar signs, expressing relative salaries. A single $ is relatively low salary compared to the average, $$ - $$$ is average, and $$$$$ is much higher than average income.

    Since each person surveyed may have a different viewpoint as to what constitutes an average salary, and since salary is often commensurate with years of experience, the number of dollar signs should not be regarded as an absolute, but only as an indicator.