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Job Title: Senior Lab Technician at a Dairy Cooperative

Description: Supervise technicians, and manage sample preparation. Receive daily forage samples, dry samples, grind the dried samples, and perform dry matter corrections on some samples.

Degree Required: AS

  • Associate's Degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by community colleges, junior colleges, technical colleges, and some four-year bachelor's degree-granting colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study usually lasting two years.

Skills Required: Computer skills, Learns on the job, Managing people, Mathematical thinker, Time management skills, Works under pressure

Market Sector: Farm/Ranch, Industry, Non-Profit

Relative Salary:  $$$

  • We did not collect actual income range information in our survey. Instead we chose to express income range with a number of dollar signs, expressing relative salaries. A single $ is relatively low salary compared to the average, $$ - $$$ is average, and $$$$$ is much higher than average income.

    Since each person surveyed may have a different viewpoint as to what constitutes an average salary, and since salary is often commensurate with years of experience, the number of dollar signs should not be regarded as an absolute, but only as an indicator.