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Getting Started

How do you stand out from the crowd? List your creative talents and characteristics, such as: hard worker, loyal, self-motivated, with leadership experience.

Mention activities including: member of a school or community club, music, athletic or artistic group.

Did you volunteer or achieve a goal?
Did you overcome an obstacle that makes you proud?
Do you have a unique skill? (Athletic, musical, artistic, mathematical,…
Did you receive any awards?
Have you ever helped an adult with a project or activity? (Built a fence to house a small herd of goats, assisted with childcare at a local community center, planned and shopped for a group camp out, raised funds for the American Cancer Society, volunteered for school’s sustainability efforts, helped plant a community garden)

Ready to meet an employer? Make a good first impression, dress for success and use your best manners. Practice asking and answering questions with an adult who knows you. 

Your first internship supervisor may be your first reference (someone who knows your personal character and has knowledge of your skills) or a door to a future career!