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Questions to Consider

How much time can you give? 1 hour per day, 2 hours per day, 20 hours per week, etc.

How will you get there? Do you need transportation? Consider walking, biking, public transportation, neighbors, relatives, friends, or others who commute.

How to ask?

  • Start with people you know.
  • Then search for hiring managers or Human Resource (HR) staff. They are typically listed on organizational staff charts if the business has a website.
  • A personal connection with someone in the organization gives you a foot in the door.
  • Take initiative. Many small business employers do not list openings for internships; however, will likely pay attention to a student who takes initiative.
  • Instead of a "cold call" or random e-mail, you may get better results with a personal letter or request for an informational interview to visit with people who make hiring decisions.
  • Network! (The process of creating relationships with people who can help you find opportunities).
  • Be prepared to complete an application. Include your contact information and experience with credentials (qualifications and references) organized in a 1 page summary.