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Where to Look

Internships may be paid or non-paid. The experience gained typically outweighs any compensation received. Not only do you learn valuable skills that can transfer to any field of interest, internships allow you to find out what you "do not want to do" early in your career, so you do not waste valuable resources in a career path that does not match your personality, interests or skills.

Start by listing all the places in your neighborhood that take care of animals or promote responsible animal care. Here are some examples:

  • Animal Breed Association
  • Animal Training Facility
  • Boarding Kennel/Daycare 
  • City Chamber of Commerce
  • Community College Farm 
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Floating Classrooms – Cruise ships
  • Foundations & Local Social Service Agencies
  • Governmental Agency such as the Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Groomer 
  • Historical site or society
  • Islands, Lakes, Coastal Community Visitor Centers
  • Lab animal facility
  • Library
  • Local animal shelter 
  • Local Farm 
  • Museum
  • Nature Center
  • Neighbor
  • Pet Supply Center
  • Pet Shop
  • Pharmaceutical Research Company
  • Recreation Department
  • School classroom 
  • Service Animal Organization
  • Stable/Horse Barn/Track 
  • State, National, Town or Village Park 
  • Summer Camp
  • Theme Park
  • Vacation destinations – Ranch, Renaissance Festival, Bed & Breakfast farm, sports complex, Beach, or Resort
  • Veterinary Office 
  • Zoo

If you are willing and able to travel away from home, consider resort locations in and out of your home state. If staying close to home is more your style, use school holidays, seasonal and summer vacations as opportunities to make yourself available.  With family permission, offer to care for a classroom pet during the weekend or school vacation. Give a neighbor a gift certificate for pet sitting. Create a poster or business card with information about what services you are willing to offer: feeding, cleaning, grooming, walking and providing companionship to pets while owners are away.

Utilize community bulletin boards.  Post your own ad in person or on-line. Maintain your privacy and list contact information that teachers or adult family members approve.

Attend Career or Job Fairs. Collect business cards and keep a file of people you meet.