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Student Stories

Meet Billy!

Billy is a junior in High school at Salisbury School , CT and is very interested in agriculture. He first became interested in animals at age 7 . Having a small family farm background, he wanted to broaden his horizons out of his home state. This past year he learned about an inspiring internship through his dad. His ultimate career goal is something agricultural related. Read more about Billy's experience on two different dairy farms in the Fall 2013 Small Farms Quarterly Youth Page…

photo of Frances

Meet Frances!

Frances is an Animal Science student at Cornell University and is very interested in studying wild animals. She first became interested in animals through working with dogs and then at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Domestic animals are a great way to learn about general anatomy, physiology, and management practices that are useful when studying and working with wild animals. This past summer she volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center called Care for Wild in Nelspruit, South Africa.

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photo of Gaby

Meet Gaby!

Gaby, a student studying Natural Resources at Cornell University, discovered a lot about herself in the various internship positions she’s had since high school.  After many years of looking longingly at the New England Aquarium, she finally obtained a job working at the Lobster Rearing and Research Facility the summer before entering college.

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photo of Joseph

Meet Joseph!

Joseph is an animal science student at Cornell University and will be entering his senior year. He grew up on a sheep farm and often showed sheep at the county and state fairs through his local 4-H Club. Joseph has always aspired to be a veterinarian and when he heard about a unique program through his high school offering opportunities...

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photo of Bri

Meet Bri!

Bri is an animal science student at Cornell University and will be entering her senior year. Originally from Mont Vernon, New Hampshire Bri transferred to Cornell from John Hopkins University after studying for a year in the area of chemical and bio-molecular engineering. When asked why she chose to make such a dramatic change in study focus her...

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photo of Erik

Meet Erik!

Erik is a senior in high school and has always had a passion for working with animals. Although his family had no experiencing or background in raising farm animals, this did not stop Erik from starting his own sheep farm at the age of 13! Since that time, his flock has grown to 8 sheep (many of which are pregnant) he also has ...

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photo of Olivia

Meet Olivia! 

Olivia is a sophomore student at Cornell University in the Natural Resources program of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Her area of interest is in Marine Biology. Olivia applied for and was awarded a competitive internship funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) called "The Diversity Project." For this internship Olivia traveled to Bali...

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