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Meet Tammie

photo of Tammie Kimmich

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Tammie Kimmich is a true entrepreneur.  In addition to running her own horse boarding stable, Tammie also runs her own pet and farm sitting service.  She also works at a small animal veterinary clinic as a veterinary assistant.  We recently caught up with Tammie and asked her a few questions about what a "Day in the Life" is like for her:

Describe a typical day at work for you

"On a typical day I get up between 5:30 and 6:00 (earlier if necessary) and feed, turnout and clean the stalls of my horses and those of my boarders. I plan the course of travel for my petsitting clients requiring twice daily visits which will treat the animals who require two meals, timed medications or treatments as well as dogs who need to get outside morning and evening. Animals who require care only once a day on no particular schedule I fit in as is convenient to my rounds and schedule. I do this before and after my job as a veterinary assistant for a local veterinarian, weekends and holidays."  Sounds like no two days are alike for Tammie!

What are 3 skills you use regularly?

  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Math

What do you like most about your job?

"I love animals, I always have, but I really enjoy other people who love animals as well. I have made lasting friendships from working with animals."  So you have to love the animals AND the people:  good to know!

Would you have pictured yourself in this career? 

"I actually wanted to be a veterinarian when I "grew up" and planned my education accordingly. I believe in most ways that petsitting is a better "fit" for me."  Interesting that Tammie was able to find an even better fit for herself!

What background and training do you have? 

"I got a degree in Biology from Cornell University and have owned pets all of my life, but a good share of my training has been from employers and experience gained from petsitting."

Do you have any advice for students interested in careers with animals?

"Do your "homework" regarding your career choice. Talk to people in that career, volunteer. Learn all you can so you can make an informed choice."

It sounds like Tammie has been able to include all of her loves in her jobs!  It’s great to hear about how people find creative and unique career choices to fit their interests.